South High School Class of 1981

Year Book
A - B


Tracy Abner
Michael Aguir
Gisela Albertella
Marie Alegria

Sue Allen
Ron Altuna
Lynn Amberg
Bill Anderson
Tracie Anderson
William Anderson
Karen Arnold
Mary Ann Attridge
Vincent Aviani
James Babbit
Micheal Baer
Teri Bailey
Kirk Bargar
Bret Barham
Judith Barker
Robert Barrett

Algis Basiulis
Cassie Bateman
William Bauchwitz
Kenneth Baumheckle

Stephen Beaton
Patrick Beck
Ralph Bennett
Carol Bernard

Michael Betram
Ingrid Best
Gregory Bloomstadt
Bill Blue

Lawrence Blyn
Gregory Bohne
Lisa Bohni
Mary Bolten

Bruce Brock
Maureen Boyce
Bret Bradford
Troy Brasswell

Jennette Brewer
Pamela Brewster
Angela Briguglio
Diane Brode

Suzanne Brode
Kevin Brown
Camilla Bryans
Jeremy Brydon

Erik Bucy
Karin Budney
Barbara Bumgardner
Malvin Bumgardner

Brian Burchfield
Craig Burdick
Bruce Burkett
Gregory Burman

Valerie Burton
Etola Burwell


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