South High School Class of 1981

Year Book
C - D


Jennifer Card
Peggy Carpio
Brian Carstens
Bruce Carstens
William Catterson
Amy Cauble
Janet Chan
Esther Chang
Randell Charles
Cindera Che
Chi-Kuong Chen
Ming-Lee Chien
Staci Christie
Monica Cilva
Lisa Clanton
Ronny Cleary
Bruce Cleaveland
Molly Coad
Mark Coates
Whitney Coe
Shelly Cohen
April Collins
Mary Cominis
Therese Connolly
Monica Conway
Sally Conway
Erin Cook
Cathy Coordt
Andrew Coppock
Linda Corhn
Carol Cotner
Adam Cowgill
Jeffrey Crisfied
Cindy Croft
Cheryl Crow
Chris Crumley
Keith Cunningham
William Cyr
Richard Czuleger
Daniel D'Hondt
Carolyn Dadian
Donna Dahl
Robin Dalton
Wendy Davis
Patricia Davoli
John DeRago
Suzanne Decker
Simon Deckett
Debbie Delgado
Tanya Deluca
Ann Deprest
Lloyd DesRoches Jr.
Sharon Detwiler
Danny Diroll
Carol Dodds
Wendy Drevno
Diana Dryer
Stanley Dunn

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