South High School Class of 1981

Year Book
K - L


Lisa Kahlsdorf
Mark Kahoe
Elizabeth Kaley
James Katayama
Eri Kato
Jaeson Kay
Thomas Keenan
Lisa Keith
Christopher Kelly
Gerard Kelly
Linda Kennedy
Dawn Kenny
Chistopher Kent
Scott Kodo
Raymond Kim
Campbell King
Beth Knappenberger
Christine Koenig
Amber Komada
Kevin Koshi
Kyle Koyamatsu
Gerald Kuczma
Mary Kusch
Timothy La Rue
Richard Lamson
Curtis Landon
Jill Laven
Pamela Lawson
Grace Lee
James Lee
John Lee
Min Hwa Lee
Myung-Hee Lee
Nancy Lee
Michael Lein
Susan Lenders
William Leveroni
Patricia Li
David Limon
Iris Lin
Daniel Lindenman
Gregg Lipinski
Lucia Livoti
Yvonne Lizardi
Vincent Lombino
Lester Loo
Sandie Loomes
Karen Loughoro
Wendy Lovette
Greg Lowe
Christopher Lucas
Stephen Lund

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