South High School Class of 1981

Year Book
S - T


Randall Sabala
Francine Salmen
William Sanders
Victoria Sargent
Christopher Saunders
Sheila Savage
Kenneth Schmidt
Kim Schoen
Laura Schreckengost
Chris Schreiber
Deborah Schroeder
Linda Schultz
Phillip Schuyler
Mitchell Schwartzburg
Michele Scott
Sandra Scott
Kari Seibert
Lori Seibert
Cherie Seltzer
Nancy Semko
Tania Seydel
Julie Shapiro
Rebecca Shirley
Cavin Shorter
Robert Shuss
Bruce Siegel
Gregg Smith
Jeannette Smith
Kevin Smith
Tara Smith
Thomas Smith
Michael Smolinski
Todd Snyder
Karen Sorenson
Ronald Stack
Lee Stamps
Heather Stanton
Robert Staszak
Michael Stawasz
Lisa Steck
John Stephenson
Jon Stevenson
Lynne Stevenson
Wendy Sun

Paige Swanson
Jennifer Sweet
Shizu Takada
Guy Takashima

Lisa Takata
Carlos Tamayo
Ernest Tamayo Jr.
Pauline Tang
Mark Taniguchi
Pam Tansangvanwong
Marianne Taradaguila
Donna Teuteberg
Jutta Theiss
Sosy Toumayan
Megan Tracy
Michael Turkheimer
Lisa Turner
Steven Turner
Kent Tuttle
William Twiss

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